All Leading Brands of insect killer spray available on Fairo online grocery store for home delivery in Faisalabad.

Don’t let insect at your home and kitchen.

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Kingtox Insect Killer – 325ml


Kingtox Coil 12-hr Green


Mortein Coopex Powder Crawling Killer – 100g

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Mortein Odourless Flying Insect Killer 50ml Free – 300

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Kingtox Coil blacky – 10 coils

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Power Plus Liquid Mosquito Refill – 50ml

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Mortein PowerGard Mosquite Mats – 30M

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Abbott Mospel Mosquite Repellent – 45ml

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Kingtox Liquid Electric Refill – 45ml

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Mortein Machine with Refill – 1 Set


Power Plus Liquid Mosquiro Repellant Compelet Set

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King Eletric Mosquito Destroyer Set

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Finis Insect Killer Spray Pump – 1pcs